Administrative Staff:
*Ruth Lundin – President
*Laurie Lane – Financial Manager, Development

Resource Desk / Store:
*Pat Spicer – Store Manager and Resource Desk
*Dolores Thompson – Resource Desk

Ed staff w Chairman Dick Johnson

Board Chairman Dick Johnson congratulates the education staff at the 2011 Annual Dinner.

Education Staff:
*Jennifer Schlick – Program Director
*Jeff Tome – Senior Naturalist, Exhibits, eNewsletter editor
*Sarah Hatfield – Senior Naturalist, Intern Coordinator, Camp Director
*Katie Finch – Naturalist, Volunteer Coordinator
Corinne Fredrickson – Seasonal Naturalist
Ben Berry – Intern / Video
Emma Cook – Intern / Admin Assistant
Rachel Stewart – Summer 2014 Intern
Emma Roth – Summer 2014 Intern
Connor Clendenen – Summer 2014 Intern

Buildings and Grounds:
Don Carlson – Buildings & Grounds

Email: Staff with an asterisk (*) can be reached by email. To avoid spam attacks, we have opted not to list our emails directly. You can construct addresses from first initial of our first name plus last name followed by  Or, you can use the form on our “Contact Us” page.