Bird Seed

Conewango Blend LogoTwice a year we hold a special bird seed fundraising event.  Click here to purchase seed for the 2014 Fall Bird seed Sale.

If you miss the sale, you can purchase our special blend at the Center, as well as through the following vendors:

    • Anderson’s Produce, Jamestown, NY – seasonal
    • Ashville General Store, Ashville, NY
    • Ekey’s Garden Centre, North Warren, PA
    • Hamlet Farms, Sheridan, NY
    • Herbs R4U, Jamestown, NY
    • Howe’s True Value, Warren, PA
    • Lakewood Apothecary, Lakewood, NY
    • Lighthouse Point Grocery, Mayville, NY
    • Oneida Lumber, Warren, PA
    • Robert’s Nursery, Kennedy, NY – seasonal
    • Russell Veterinary Hospital, Russell, PA
    • Wegmans, Fairmount Avenue, Lakewood, NY