Our Animal Teachers


Toad is not shy about eating in front of a crowd. Many visitors to the Nature Center have watched Toad gobble up crickets or worms.

Enter the Discovery Room and meet turtles, frogs, a snake, and fish!

New York State Conservation Law does not allow citizens to have native reptiles and amphibians as pets.  Jamestown Audubon is granted a permit through the New York State Department of Conservation to possess these animals for educational purposes.

Check them out up close in the Discovery Room, then see how many you can see along the trails.

Wood Turtle

Most of our education animals don’t have names, but this one does. Two of our Animal Care Volunteers named this wood turtle “Ebeneezer.”

You can help us care for our Education Animals by “adopting” one.  Click here for more details.

Schedule a Live Animal Presentation at the center or in your classroom.  Click here for more details.