Board of Directors

Executive Committee of the Board:

  • Chairperson: Jane Conroe, Maple Springs, NY
  • First Vice Chair: Pierre Chagnon, Bemus Point, NY
  • Second Vice Chair:  Steve Maggio, Jamestown, NY
  • Treasurer: Jim Murphy, Lakewood, NY
  • Secretary: John Beard, Warren, PA

Other Board Members:

  • Cindy Saxton, Bemus Point, NY
  • Linda Seleen, Bemus Point, NY
  • Bob Sokolski, Warren, PA
  • Nathan Welker, Warren, PA
  • Ellen Paquette, Warren, PA
  • Carolyn Yurick, Warren, PA
  • Peter Lombardi, Jamestown, NY
  • Rose Stark, Ashville, NY

Ex-Officio:  Ruth Lundin, Jamestown, NY

Annual Dinner 2013
Annual Dinner 2013:  Pierre Chagnon, Bob Barber, Eileen Goodling, Steve Maggio, Freda Pyles, Linda Seleen, Jim Murphy, Mary Lenda, John Beard, Cindy Saxton
Board of Directors

Annual Dinner 2012, Volunteer Recognition
Steve Maggio, Peter Stark, Freda Pyles, Bob Barber, Pierre Chagnon, Eileen Goodling, Linda Seleen, Mary Lenda, Coleen Golab (Missing: Susan Stancombe, Jane Conroe, Jim Murphy)