Jamestown Audubon connects people to nature and promotes environmentally responsible behaviors through education at its center, sanctuary, and in the community.

To that end, we have adopted a three-part education plan.

1 – Experience


Tristan found a crayfish in the creek at a nearby park. Kids need the opportunity to get outside and explore. (Grownups do, too.)

Many of our education programs and events are either fully outdoors or contain an outdoor component. We believe that experiencing the natural world first hand is key in developing a connection to the planet.

2 – Understand

Terry LeBaron, Pam, Amy

Our nestbox program teaches how human actions have affected the populations of cavity-nesting birds.

People are a part of natural systems. Nature affects us. We affect nature. Many of our education programs help you understand the components of natural ecosystems and how people fit into and impact that pattern.

3 – Act

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Many of our education programs include components that demonstrate and teach that our actions impact the planet and that there are ways to increase our positive impacts.

Volunteer Day 2012

Sarah oversees a team of volunteers who planted native shrubs along our driveway.