The Nature Center Building

Nature Center Building

Nature Center Building

The nature center building houses fun, hands-on displays for all ages, meeting spaces, and a nature store. While the trails are open year-round from dawn until dusk daily, the building hours vary from season to season:

  • March-October:  Monday-Saturday 10:00am-4:30pm, Sunday 1:00-4:30pm
  • November-February:  Monday-Friday 10:00am-1:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-4:30pm, Sunday 1:00pm-4:30pm

Special building hours for programming and by appointment.  Check our front page or call to be certain.

Multipurpose Room
Meeting rooms of various sizes and configurations and a full kitchen make Audubon a great place for training, conferences, retreats, and special events like parties and weddings. Click here for rental information.

Auditorium - Dinner Party

The Multipurpose Room is often set up lecture style for presentations and slide shows.  It can also be used for your reception or dinner.  It is pictured here set up for our 2007 Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Dinner.  This room has been used for strategic planning retreats, training sessions, wedding receptions, church services, dinners, graduation parties, birthday parties, and more.  It’s also a great place for workshops, yoga, art exhibits, and many other purposes!

The paintings on the wall in the above picture were done by some of our 2007 Day Camp students in Art Camp, under the direction of Lori Coon.  The paintings were on display until September of 2008. New creations appear in this room periodically.


Michele watches birds at the Windows on Wildlife.

Windows on Wildlife
Sit and enjoy a beautiful view.  Birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and sometimes even deer and raccoon visit our birdfeeders.

In the vicinity of the windows you will also find the children’s library, activity areas for children, comfortable furniture, and a relaxed atmosphere.  Pictured below is our Buildings and Grounds crew enjoying coffee by the windows before heading out to get some work done:


American Toad

This hard-working toad teaches visitors about local amphibians. He especially likes to show you how toads eat. You can schedule a live animal program for your group. Click the picture to learn more about our Animal Teachers.

Discovery Room
Through a permit with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, we are able to display several local reptiles and amphibians.  Meet Garter Snake, American Toad, Leopard Frog, Spring Peeper, Wood Frog, and various others.  Tanks of fish and a variety of turtles will entertain and educate as well.

You may “adopt” one of our animals to help support them, or participate in our annual Christmas for the Critters program to help with their care.

Nature Store

A wide variety of books is available for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

Blue Heron Gift Shop
Our store has a wide variety of nature-related items including bird seed, bird feeders, nest boxes, nest box kits, books, notecards, field guides, walking sticks, teeshirts, tote bags, jewelry, toys, puzzles, puppets, and more.  Friends of the Nature Center receive a 10% discount on purchases.  Click here for more information about the gift shop.


The Fireplace Room has activities for children and a demonstration honeybee hive.

Fireplace Room
So named for the fireplace on the south wall, this room is currently used as exhibit space that includes children’s activities such as a puppet theatre, puzzles, and a touch table.  This is also the room where you will find our demonstration honeybee hive.


The Conference room can accomodate small meetings.

Conference Room
Just off the Fireplace Room is a small meeting room.  In summer, it becomes headquarters for one of our Day Camp groups.  It is used for small meetings during other times of the year.

Red-tailed Hawk

The Skyroom has an overhead display of diurnal raptors including the Red-tailed Hawk pictured here.

The top floor of the nature center building is called the Skyroom, and what a great view of the sanctuary you have from its windows.  Currently in the Skyroom you will find a display about diurnal raptors.  While only accessible by elevator and without air conditioning, this room can be a great rental space for events during some seasons of the year.  Click here for rental information.