Natural Giving Campaign

Why Support Audubon?

Audubon and You

Learning TogetherYou’ll find a wealth of knowledge, strong traditions, and a passionate community within our sanctuary and center.  Through new opportunities, you can develop lasting friendships, make a difference, and build a stronger Audubon.

Audubon and Youth

Your future lies in the hands and hearts of our children.  Ours does, too.  Effective and exciting programs in classrooms, outdoors, and in the center build their knowledge and awareness.  By working with teachers we create a dialogue that brings nature into their classroom and gets children outside.


Audubon and Families

Photo by Suzette PaduanoMoments with your family can be the dearest and most inspiring.  Create new memories or spark ones from the past by spending time in nature with loved ones.  Nature makes each memory more vivid.  It strengthens family ties.  Festivals, events, programs, and volunteer opportunities are all ways that you and your family can enjoy experiences and grow closer at Audubon.

Audubon and the Future

Monarch ReleaseThe future is promising and challenging as Audubon looks to tomorrow.  Favorites will remain constant; the sanctuary as a place for quiet reflection; celebrations around the wonders of nature.  We look forward to a broader network of nature inspired community members and stronger educational leaders for all ages.  As we emerge into this new phase, we are poised to help each person become more connected to the earth and live more lightly on it.

Your Place in the Future

Exhibits and education, programs and people, all benefit from your generous support.  Countless students, families and individuals have traveled Audubon’s trails, learning, enjoying, sharing.  Won’t you help us provide discovery trails for future generations through your estate planning?  Please consider:

Including Jamestown Audubon in your Will:

This is what most people think of when they think of estate planning.  In a will, you can leave a specific dollar amount or you can leave a percentage of your estate.  If you already have a will, there is no need to rewrite it; a simple codicil may do.*

Charitable Gift Annuity:

Some people are looking for the security of a fixed income from their investments for their lifetime.  This is the purpose of a Charitable Gift Annuity.  When the owners of the annuity die, any remaining amount in the fund benefits the designated non-profit.  There is also a tax benefit in setting up the fund.  The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation can provide this opportunity through our Jamestown Audubon Society Fund.

Individual Retirement Account or Insurance Beneficiary:

Love * Share * Take CareOne of the easiest ways to include Jamestown Audubon Society in your estate plans is by listing us as a beneficiary.  You can do this by filling out a simple form provided by your insurance company or IRA provider.  This may provide tax benefits to your estate and to its beneficiaries.*

* Neither Jamestown Audubon Society, nor its employees and volunteers are experts on taxes or estate planning.  Please consult experts.  We have a list of estate planners who have identified themselves to the local community foundations.

Please contact us so we can talk about this more.
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