Participate in a Birdathon

What is a Birdathon?


The Fledgling Team always starts at Audubon with coffee and breakfast treats, then hits the sanctuary trails to check off two or three dozen species before 10am.

A Birdathon is a fun, bird-nerdy fund-raiser.  Here’s how it works:

  1. A team of birders solicits pledges from friends, family – heck, even strangers!  Pledges can be per-species, or a flat amount.
  2. The team picks a day, usually in early May to maximize total possible species.  Early May is a heavy migration time and you are apt to see lots of species – those that will stick around for the summer, but also many that are just passing through.
  3. The team goes out birding for a full 24-hour period or agrees to look for birds over a 2-day period, recording each species they see.
  4. The team notifies all the people who pledged and collects the money to donate to Audubon Nature Center.

The Fledglings Birdathon Program – first Saturday in May

A group of Jamestown Audubon educators and their friends and fans have been doing the Birdathon since 2003 in order to raise an annual scholarship. They call themselves The Fledglings.  (Learn more about the Ryan Exline Memorial Scholarship by clicking here.) This year the Fledglings invite all to join in their siting efforts. Click here to learn more about this years birdathon.

How You Can Get Involved

  1. Go birding with The Fledglings.  Call Audubon at (716) 569-2345 and leave a message for the Education Staff that you want to go with us on the 1st Saturday in May.
  2. Solicit pledges for The Fledglings.  Click here to download a form.
  3. Pledge or Donate to The Fledglings.  You can make your donation now by clicking the “Donate” button below, or scroll a little further to pledge and pay later.
  4. Start your own Birdathon team.  Call us at Audubon if you need help.

Donate a Set Amount to the Fledging Team (Scholarship) Now!

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