There are many different volunteer opportunities at the Nature Center, fitting various interests and skills. Come find your fit!

Volunteers at Audubon build bridges, maintain trails, lead walks, assist with mailings, park cars at festivals, help children do crafts, care for our animals, tend our gardens, and a myriad of other things that keep the center running! Some volunteers help once or twice a week, others once or twice a year. We appreciate the time all our volunteers give to Audubon.

While the Nature Center depends on volunteers, there are many benefits to volunteering.  It can be a wonderful opportunity to share your talents, learn new things, meet new people. When you volunteer, you’ll join a group of diverse, talented, energetic people at the Nature Center.

Interested in volunteering? Give us a call at 569-2345 or email Katie Finch by submitting the form below.

Volunteer Job Openings 

While we use volunteers in all aspects of the organization, there are times when we need to fill a specific job with a volunteer.

We sell Conewango Blend birdseed at many stores in New York and Pennsylvania. We need a volunteer to coordinate delivering birdseed to these stores.

Every year there seems to be more bird counts.As a Nature Center, we want to add to the understanding of bird behavior and population through these counts but we need help. The job would be defined by interest but may include spreading the word, coordinating efforts and pique the interest of both experienced and beginner birders in these counts.

Trail Guides 
Are you interested in working school age kids who attend a field trip to the Nature Center? You can become an Audubon Trail Guide! Learn how to lead a Discovery Walk with groups of students at this multi-day training.

Frogwatch Volunteer
Explore the grounds at night as you gather information on the frog population at the Nature Center.  This position involves going out to five listening stations to gather information about the frogs that are breeding.  Training provided. Contact Jeff Tome, naturalist at jtome@jamestownaudubon.org if you are interested.

Many of our volunteers are registered with RSVP, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. For more information about this program, click here.


Volunteers preparing treats for a festival.