Birthday Party

Audubon does Birthday Parties

The party is approximately 2 hours long. The first 20 minutes or so involve arrival and self-guided tours of the exhibit. Once everyone arrives, an Audubon volunteer will provide a program and activities for 45-60 minutes. These activities include outdoor explorations.  Please tell your guests to dress for the weather.

To promote green practices and reduce waste, Audubon provides all tablecloths, dishes, silverware, cups and napkins. We’ll even do the dishes and the laundry for you! Please plan to take garbage home with you, as we do not have storage for the extra garbage generated by parties. (We are happy to compost organic waste, recycle any beverage containers, and keep any re-usable tissue paper for our craft supply closet.)

Click here for a handout called Tips for a Greener Party (PDF).

Schedule as far in advance as you can to secure a suitable date. Most parties are offered on weekends, but we can sometimes accommodate mid-week parties, especially during school breaks. We are busy, but flexible.  Parties scheduled outside the normal building open times will be charged at an additional $25 per hour.


Birthday parties are a privilege of Friends of the Nature Center members at the Family level and above.  If you do not have a FONC membership, please add $55 to the following fees.  If you have a membership at a lower level, please add the difference to the following fees.  Party fees are based on the size of the room required, regardless of number of people.  Our multipurpose room can be divided, so the options are small, medium, and large.

Small – $120:  The north side of the multipurpose room has windows to the backyard and comfortably seats about 25 people at tables.

Medium – $160:  The south side of the multipurpose room seats about 50 people at tables.

Large – $240:  The full multipurpose room seats about 100 people at tables.